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Course Guides

Below is a list of courses that can count as electives for MSE students:

Biomedical Engineering
BME-149 Biomechanics
BME-153 Biomaterials and Regenerative Medicine
BME-154 Tissue Engineering and Regenerative Medicine
BME-251 Introduction to Biophotonics
BME-256 Quantitative Biomaterial Characterization Laboratory I
BME-257 Quantitative Biomaterial Characterization Laboratory II

Chemical and Biological Engineering
ChBE-111 Thermal-fluid Transport I
ChBE-112 Thermal-fluid Transport II
ChBE- 121 Principles of Polymerization
ChBE-122 Physical Chemistry of Polymers
ChBE-140 Surface and Colloid Chemistry
ChBE-164 Biomaterials and Regenerative Medicine
ChBE-173: Clean Energy Technologies and Policy
ChBE-175 Electronic Devices for Energy Applications
ChBE -202 Chemical and Catalytic Reaction Engineering
ChBE-203 Advanced Thermodynamics
ChBE-204 Advanced Transport Phenomena

CHM-131 Statistical Thermodynamics
CHM-132 Chemical Kinetics and Dynamics
CHM-135 Biophysical Chemistry
CHM-136 Spectroscopy and Molecular Structure
CHM-141 Instrumental Analysis
CHM-144 Spectroscopic Methods of Analysis
CHM-165 Physical Methods in Inorganic Chemistry
CHM-236 Chemistry of Interfaces

Civil Engineering
CEE-122 Solid Mechanics
CEE-128 Structural Mechanics
CEE-195 Finite Element Analysis
CEE-294 Advance Finite Element Analysis

Electrical Engineering
EE-113 Semiconductor Devices
EE-114 Physics of Solar Cells
EE 118 Microwave Semiconductor Devices and Circuits
EE-214 Optoelectronic Characterization

Mechanical Engineering
ME-103 Micro-fabrication And Design
ME-116 Mass Transfer and Phase Transformations in Materials Processing
ME-120 Advanced Engineering Materials
ME-121 Biomaterials
ME-122 Solid Mechanics
ME-123 Mechanics of Composite and Heterogeneous Materials
ME-125 Manufacturing Processes and Materials Technology
ME-127 Theory and Applications of Polymer Materials and Processing
ME-128 Structural Mechanics
ME-129 Finite Elements
ME-221 Advanced Solid Mechanics
ME-222 Applied Solid Mechanics
ME-293/ CEE-294 Advance Finite Element Analysis

PHY-173 Introduction to Solid-state Physics I
PHY-174 Introduction to Solid-state Physics II